Thank you for choosing OSI Affiliate Software!

To get you started, we've provided you with a video tutorial and the step-by-step process below.

This detailed video and the instructions below show you the steps required for setting up your affiliate program.

Software Integration

Step 1. Click on Set Up Software from your admin dashboard.

Step 2. Click on the Link Software to my Store link or click on the Request Software Integration link and we'll do the integration for you for free.

Step 3. After clicking on Get Thank You Page Code link, it will take you to another page. Select your shopping cart from the list and then follow the instructions. If you do not find your shopping cart from the list, choose General and it will work on most shopping cart systems. 

Step 4. Once you're done with the integration, test your affiliate program by checking out our video about testing.

Setup / Customize Dedicated Sign Up Page

You can create a dedicated page for your affiliate to sign-up. To set it up, follow the steps below.

Step 1. From the Admin Dashboard, click "Configure Sign up Page".

Step 2. From here you would be able to choose whether to copy the affiliate sign up page link, customize, or view sign up page.

Step 3. On the same page, click on "Customize".

Step 4.You will be on Page Details tab. You will be on Page Details tab. Here you can upload your Logo or paste a logo link. Below that, you can modify the Left side Heading & Text and modify the Text on the right Side Text Area as shown in the Sample above.

Step 5. After updating Page Details, you need to click on "Configure Form fields" to add new Fields or Update existing Fields/Positions