OSI Affiliate Software provides you with three unique ways in which you can sign up affiliate users to your account. You may select any of the three ways to add affiliates as shown below.

I. Interface Sign Up

OSI offers a customizable signup interface option that you can link from your web site and have affiliates sign up. This interface has a main page where you can add all the content describing your program. You can add your own logo and customize some of the colors to this interface shown below. To customize and launch this page, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Log in to your OSI Admin account and click Configure Sign up Page.

Step 2. From here you would be able to choose whether to copy the affiliate sign-up page link, customize, or view the sign-up page.

Step 3. On the same page, click on Customize.

Step 4. You will be on the Page Details tab. Here you can upload your Logo or paste a logo link. 

Below that, you can modify the Right side Heading & Text. 

And modify the Text on the Right Side Text Area as shown in the sample above.

In here you can also enable spam protection. If a bot is detected, it will prevent it from submitting.

Step 5. After updating Page Details, you need to click on Configure Form fields to add new Fields or Update existing Fields/Positions.

You can also change the attribute of each field by clicking the blue pencil icon.

Form Fields

The blue pencil icon lets you modify a field while the red icon deletes it.

The checkmarks represent the attribute for each field.

Display on user Registration - this information will be asked from an affiliate during sign-up.

Required - this information is mandatory for the registration to go through.

Allow User to Modify - this information can be modified by the affiliate.

The type determines the type of information that can be placed for the field.

Text box - Free text. No restrictions.

Text Area - Same as text box but bigger in size.

Dropdown Menu - Restricted to set of information determined by you.

Radio Buttons - Restricted to set of information determined by you.

Checkbox (Single) - A single checkbox for confirmation/acknowledgement purposes.

Checkboxes (Multiple Selection) - Multiple checkboxes to confirm/acknowledge set of information determined by you.

State - A drop-down list of US States.

Country - A drop-down list of all countries.

II. Manually Add Users

You can manually add users without going through the sign-up page by following the steps below:

Step 1. On your admin dashboard click Users.

Step 2. Click on Add User button.

Step 3. Fill out all mandatory information marked with an asterisk (*).

Note: FoReferral Program, you can pre-determine which referral program/s they will have access to. You can select individual programs using the Ctrl key.

Step 4. Click on the Save button once done.