It is highly recommended to run a of Omnistar Affiliate software ight after you have completed the initial getting started steps. Here are two things that you need to prepare:

1. Create a product that costs $1

2. Create a test thank you page (optional)

How to run a test:

Step 1. Create a test affiliate. Follow this link to know more about signing up an affiliate.

Step 2. Once you have created a test affiliate, access the test affiliate's dashboard by clicking on Users from your admin dashboard.

Step 3. Click on the blue pencil icon of the test affiliate.

Step 4. Click on Login to the user interface for this user link.

Step 5. You'll be taken to another tab. Copy the test affiliate's link and paste it on a different tab.

Step 6. You should be directed to your landing page. Process an order and refresh your test affiliate's dashboard. You should see the counter has changed under Conversions.