A referral program dictates the reward system for your affiliates. This is also where we direct customers when someone clicks on an affiliate link.

To set this up, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Referral Programs from your admin dashboard.

Step 2. Click on +Add button.

Step 3. Fill out mandatory fields marked with an asterisk (*).

Monetary Commission

If your want to pay your affiliates with money, you can either select a percentage of the sale or a flat rate.

Non-Monetary Commission

If you want to pay your affiliates something with gift cards, store credits, etc., you can do this outside of the software and we will still track the sales they generated for you.

Advanced Settings

Make Available to All Users - if this is checked, all affiliates who will sign up will automatically have access to this referral program.

Minutes to wait before accepting a sale from the same IP - this field prevents duplicate sales. The amount of time you enter in this field is the number of minutes that the system will wait before it counts an additional sale from the same IP. You can leave this blank if you do not want to use. The purpose of this field is to make sure that if someone hits refresh on the thank you page then your sale is not counted more than once. This field is only used if the commission type is set to Sale. If you are awarding affiliates based on clicks and/or impressions, then you can leave this blank.

All sale from this referral program must be approved before being added - check this box to require all sales to be approved before they are added to the system. Sales can be approve by clicking on the Approve link that will appear next to each sale in the Rewards section.

Do you want to setup multi-tier commission - this allows affiliate users to refer others to your affiliate program. The primary affiliate user will be able to get a commission off of his referred affiliate's sales. You can indicate the amount that the primary affiliate will be getting under 2nd tier.

Do you want to setup recurring commissions - this allows affiliates to continuously receive a commission for the referrals they send.

Accept Mailchimp Webhook Link - create a link that can accept Mailchimp Webhooks.

Step 4. Click Continue.

Step 5. Setup when a referral link is clicked. You can either send them a coupon hosted on our server or directly to your store.