This article covers how to change the status of a commission invoice. 

Invoice status

  • Open - all sales of a specific affiliate will roll to this invoice until it is Closed.
  • Close Invoice - all future sales of a specific affiliate will create an Open invoice.
  • Mark as Paid - once marked as paid, the invoice will Close.
  • Mark as need to be paid - once marked as needs to be paid, the invoice will Close.
  • Delete Invoice - this will delete invoice from the system.

Step 1. Click on "Rewards" on the Dashboard

Step 2. Under "Manage Invoices", you can changes the Status of it by clicking on the following options shown below

Step 3. Another option to change the Invoice Status is getting to the invoice by clicking the "Edit" icon

Step 4. In the next, you can click on the options to change the status as shown below

Step 5. Final option to change the status is to select the Account by putting a Check mark, scroll down the page to see a Drop-down list

Step 6. From the Drop-down list, select the Status and click "Go"