If you provide a service where you charge customers a recurring fee on an ongoing basis like a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee using Paypal Subscription buttons, and you would like to pay your affiliates a recurring commission. You may also set it up in a way that it would automatically stop the commission once the service has been stopped.

To get started, From the admin dashboard go to referral program, and then click manage.

Step 2. Add your referral program. Name, description, and program type

Step 3. Add Initial Settings and then select Advanced Settings

Step 4. Set Recurring Program Options

To enable the recurring commission options select "yes" next to "Do you want to set up recurring commission" and then below you will set your commission amount and then select "Match email" from the drop-down options shown below and click continue.

Step 5. Get code for your Paypal Subscription button

For the tracking to work correctly, you will need to get our code and add it to your subscription button. To get the code, go to setup from your admin control panel and click on the link says "Get Thank You Page Code".

Step 6. Select Paypal from the List of Shopping Carts

Once you select Paypal, you will need to copy the code shown in preparation to add to your subscription button code.

Step 7. Add code to your Paypal subscription button

Take the code you copied above in Step 6 and add it to your Paypal subscription button right before the closing form tag shown below.

Your Paypal subscription button integration is now complete. The system will now automatically add a recurring commission to an affiliate that refers to someone that purchases through your Paypal subscription button as long as the subscription is active.