The Affiliate Sign-up page can be customized completely. A sample Sign-up Page is shown below

To get started. From your admin dashboard, click on Configure sign up page

Step 2. From here you would be able to choose whether to copy the affiliate sign-up page link, customize, or view sign-up page.

Step 3. On the same page, click on Customize.

Step 4. You will be on the Page Details tab. Here you can upload your Logo or paste a logo link. 

Below that, you can modify the Right side Heading & Text. 

And modify the Text on the Right Side Text Area as shown in the sample above.

In here you can also enable spam protection. If a bot is detected, it will prevent it from submitting.

Step 5. After updating Page Details, you need to click on Configure Form fields to add new Fields or Update existing Fields/Positions. Click reorder fields and a video will show that you can re-order fields.

You can also change the attribute of each field by clicking the blue pencil icon.

  • Field Name - Label
  • Required - mandatory information
  • Show on Registration Page: To be displayed on the signup page
  • Show on Profile Page: Allows users to modify the information after signing up
  • Type - choose from list of field types (text box, drop-down, etc.)
  • Section of page to add option - Leave it on User Details