Invoices are automatically generated whenever a sale is produced by your affiliate. These invoices keep accumulating sales until such time that you close them and/or mark them as paid regardless of the date of sale. Follow the steps below to move a sale from one invoice to another.

Step 1. Go to Rewards from your admin dashboard.

Step 2. Go to Manage Invoices and click on the blue pencil icon where the sale is being moved from.

Step 3. Click on View link of the sale that you want to move.

Step 4. Change the status to Not Approved and click Submit.

Step 5. Keep going back to the source invoice until all sales that you want to move have been marked as 'Not Approved'.

Step 6. Once all the sales are marked, close the invoice by selecting Mark as needed to be paid/Mark as paid/Close invoice. This would prevent further accumulation of sales.

Step 7. To move those marked sales to a new invoice, go so Manage Sales and click on Search Sales button.

Step 8. Select 'Not Approved Sales' on the status drop-down menu and click Search button.

Step 9. Click on Approve Now link to move these sales to a new invoice.