This article will help you on how to add referral programs, hide the program from the affiliate and how you can give access to affiliates.

Important reminder our plans support  different number of referral programs.

BASIC-2 referral program

PROFESSIONAL- 10 referral programs

PREMIUM-30 referral programs 



Step 1. To add a new referral program on your admin dashboard go to  referral program.

Step 2. Click add

Step 3. Add the name of the new referral program, description, how would like to pay users (money or something other than money) Click view advanced settings. Check the box beside the make available to all user if you would like all affiliates to get access to this program then continue.

Step 4. Put the link to your store then hit finish.

If  you would like to give your affliates all access to all referral program

Go to user-manage user then select the user and click the pencil icon below action.Make sure to highlight all the referral program to get all access then update.

On the affilate's dashboard. They will have the option to select a referral program.