A referral program dictates the reward system for your affiliates. This is also where we direct customers when someone clicks on an affiliate link. You can create different referral programs with different commission types for your affiliates.

Click this link on how to set up a referral program: How to create a referral program

To add a new referral program, on your admin dashboard click on referral program then manage.

Click the plus add button, name the referral program to add the description

How would you like to pay users. Then continue.

Note, please make sure that your affiliate program is set to pending approval so you can decide which program the affiliate can promote.

Click set up software from your admin account, then settings.

To Get started, Go to users from the admin dashboard

Step 2. Click on the blue pencil icon of the affiliate.

Step 3. Select the higher-tiered commission to assign and scroll down and click on the Update button.