OSI Affiliate Software can easily be integrated into Wix Paid Plans and/or Bookings. 

Unlike Wix Online Store, both Paid Plans and Bookings don't have a customizable Thank You page. This limitation prevents us from passing the sales information such as sale amount and ID to OSI. Also, the conversion code cannot be added on the Thank You page thus all sales that will be tracked by OSI software are clicks and not the actual conversion.

Note: Recurring commission cannot be implemented for all Wix integrations.


Step 1. Login to your OSI Admin account and click on Set Up Software.

Step 2. Select Link Software to My Store.

Step 3. Select General from the drop-down list. Before copying the code, replace 15 with the default sales amount that you prefer.

Step 4. Log in to your Wix dashboard and hover over Marketing & SEO and click SEO Tools. Then, click choose Site Verifications and then Custom Code.

Step 5. Click the Add Custom Code button.

Step 6. Paste the code in the field provided. Under Add Code to Pages, select Choose specific pages and choose the page under Pricing Plans. Select Body - end under Place Code in. Click Apply to save the changes.

Referral Program Configuration

Your referral program must be set on pending approval since all sales that the software will be tracked are not actual conversions.

Step 1. Login to your OSI Admin account and click on Referral Programs.

Step 2. Click on Add button to create a new program or modify an existing one by clicking on blue pencil icon.

Step 3. Click on Show Advanced Settings.

Step 4. Check the box of All sales from this referral program must be approved before being added. Click Continue and FInish once done.

Managing Sales

Once the sales are coming in, verify the purchase from your Wix dashboard.

Step 1. Log in to your Wix admin account and click on Pricing Plans.

Step 2. Select Purchase Plans and determine the actual sales generated. Take note of the customer name, purchase date, payment status, and the amount.

Step 3. Login to your OSI Admin account and select Rewards.

Step 4. Locate the sale by date and click on the blue pencil icon.

Step 5. Fill in the fields with the sale amount and customer name. Select Approved from the Status drop-down and click on Submit.