OSI Affiliate Software can easily be integrated with Moonclerk.


When setting up an affiliate program for your Moonclerk payment forms, you will be able to reward your affiliates a percentage of the order total or a fixed amount of money for each referred sale. You also have an option to reward a gift card such as an Amazon gift card or any gift item. To set this up, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Login to your Moonclerk admin account and click on AccountSelect Settings.

Step 2. Click on API Key. Copy the key and paste on a notepad for later.

Step 3. Click on Forms and click Create Payment forms button to generate your recurring payment form.

Step 4. Fill the form per your requirement and on Confirmation section, select the radio button of Redirect to another web page.

Step 5. Use following URL and paste ut in the field of Redirect Page URL:



  • Replace your OSI subdomain with Put_Here_Your_OSI_SubDomain.
  • Copy and paste the URL to a notepad for later.

Step 6. Click on Save & Finish button. Click on Use buttonCopy form embedded code to your web page.

Step 7. Click on User button. 

Step 8. Choose your preferred way of linking your form to your site. 

Step 9. Open your OSI Affiliate Software admin account and click on Set Up Software. g

Step 10. Click on Settings and select Third Party Integrations.

Step 11. Look for MoonClerk Integration and click on View Integration.

Step 12. Paste the API Key and the Redirect URL from Steps 2 and 5. Click Submit.