When you first get OSI Affiliate Software, one of the things that we recommend that you do is email all your customers and let them know that you just launched a referral program.

To make this easy for you to do we have provided an email template that you can use with your email newsletter provider. If you have Klaviyo, you may use it to send your customers an invite to join your Shopify referral program.  If you don't have a Klaviyo account, you may sign up here.

Follow the steps below to set it up.

Step 1. Notify support@osiaffiliate.com to enable this free feature to your account.

Step 2. Log in to your Shopify admin account and click Apps then the button of Shopify App Store.

Step 3. Search for Klaviyo and click the Add app button.

Step 4. Scroll down and click Install app.

Step 5. Create or Log in to your Klaviyo account. Then, complete the integration process.

Step 6. Once the integration has been completed, all of your Shopify customer data will be synced to your Klaviyo account. 

Step 7. Click List & Segments and select a Segment that you want to send an invite to join your referral program.

Step 8. Click Manage Segment then Export Segment to CSV.

Step 9. Limit the properties to export to just Email, First Name, and Last Name.

Step 10. Next is log in to your OSI Admin account and click on Promote.

Step 11. Click Learn More under Easily Enroll All Your Customers.

Step 12. Prepare your CSV file of your customers or potential affiliates exported from Step 9.

Step 13. Upload your email list CSV file and the system will download an exact file with an added column for their auto signup link. Rename the first column to 'Sign up link' for easy reference.

Step 14. Go back to your Klaviyo accountClick List & Segments and select Create List/SegmentChoose List.

Step 15. Name the list of your potential affiliates.

Step 16. Choose Upload Contacts.

Step 17.  Create a new Klaviyo Field for the signup links. Complete the import process.

Step 18.  Create your email as usual by selecting Campaigns then Create Campaign.

Step 19.  Go to a Text Block and client Insert Property and select the Klaviyo Field you created from Step 17.

Step 20.  Use the code for the Link URL of the button.

Step 21. Send your email invite. Once they click on the Sign-Up button, they'll be taken directly to their affiliate dashboard wherein they just need to enter their password.