OSI accounts purchased from Shopify App Store are linked automatically and would not require integration for sales to be tracked by the software. In addition, you may enable the Auto Promo Code feature wherein affiliates who sign up will be assigned their own promo code that they may use to promote your products. Affiliates may also edit their promo code which will sync with your Shopify.

To set it up follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Login to your OSI admin account and click Referral Programs.

Step 2. Choose Promotional Settings and then Promo Code Tracking.

Step 3. Click on Configure Auto Promo Code Tracking.

Step 4. Slide to enable the promo code creation.

Discount Type:

  • Percentage off
  • Flat rate discount
  • Free shipping

After signing up, affiliates will see their promo code right on their dashboard. They can change the system-generated code in the field and click Edit to save the changes.

Note: Deleted affiliates will not delete the promo code created in Shopify.