This bonus tool is a great way to recruit every customer that orders from your store into your referral program if they have a positive experience in your store.  You can offer them an incentive if they answer one question survey.

This pop-up button will appear once a customer has placed an order on your website.


If your customer clicks the Rate Us Now button, they will be prompted to take a  Survey.

If someone rates a 9 or 10 you can have them automatically signed up for your referral program and then you can ask them for a review on any site like Facebook or anywhere you get reviews in exchange for another reward like a $10 Amazon gift card or anything that you decide as shown here.

If someone rates a 9 or 10 you can show  the, ways how to earn. 1. Reffer friends 2. Leaves review.

Unfortunately, not every customer will rate you a 9 or 10, so if someone rates you between 1 - 6 you can just ask them why and ask them if they would like a call from a manager as you can see here when I selected 2.


 Note:   If you want this bunos tool to enable, please email  with the following.

Please let us know what text you want on the thank you page pop up shown in this example here:

and what text you want on the top of the survey here: