Please follow the steps below to set up an Acuity Scheduling Affiliate program, and integrate it with OSI Affiliate Software.

Step 1. On your Acuity dashboard, go to the left menu and select Business Settings.

Step 2. From the left navigation, select Integrations.

Step 3. Select Analytics and Conversion Tracking from the drop-down menu.

Step 4. Under Custom Conversion Tracking, select Set Up.

Step 5. Now, edit the variables for transaction ID, and Price in the piece of code from your Omni star Admin Dashboard.

If you don't already have Omnistar's snippet of code, go through the procedures below to retrieve it.

Step 6. Select Set Up Software from the Omni star Admin Dashboard.

Step 7. Click on Link Software to My Store.

Step 8. Choose General from the drop-down menu. Copy the code sample and replace the transaction and amount variables

Just for Acuity, the code snippet should look like this: