To do this, follow the instructions below. You can refer to the How to Set Up Stripe Affiliate Program article if you have integrated a stripe without using an embedded stripe.

Step 1. Click set up software from your admin dashboard. 

Step 2. And select link software to my store from the set up software menu.

Step 3. From the drop-down menu, choose stripe check out.

Step 4. Go to the referral program and the manage.

Step 5. To allow recurring commissions for a program, either choose it or click the blue pencil icon.

Step 6. Select show advance settings from the drop-down menu. Select "YES" to enable recurring commissions, then specify your commission's amount or a percentage to match the email, and then click on the continue button. Click FINISH. 

Step 7. Log in to your stripe account and click the "Connect my Stripe" account button after seeing your appropriate sub-account.

Step 8. Click on Developers and then Webhooks in your stripe account.

Step 9. Click on add an endpoint.

Step 10. Add this text to the endpoint URL field, replacing the sub-domain with your OSI affiliate software sub-domain with your OSI affiliate software sub-domain. 

Step 11. Then pick your current API from the drop-down menu. Select "create secret key" and copy to the temporary file where placed, because you'll need it later.

Step 12. Return to you OSI admin account and select show advanced settings under set up software and settings.

Step 14. Select "Include Parameters in affiliate URL" from the drop-down menu, and the click update.

Step 15. Go back to settings and click "third party integrations".

Step 16. Select STRIPES.

Step 17. Paste the secret key you copied from the stripe API section above into the above and click SUBMIT. 

The integration with stripe check out is now complete! Feel free to test your stripe check out button by clicking an affiliate link and making a purchase.