In order to integrate Shift4shop with our software, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to your OSI Affiliate admin control panel

Step 2: Click on Set Up Software.

Step 3: Click on "Link Software to My Store" and select 3Dcart.

Step 4. Log in to your Shift4shop account.

Step 5. From the dashboard, go to content and select site content.

Step 6. Scroll down and click the edit button under titles and content.

Step 7. Under the main pages, click on check out #4 and the Edit.

Checkout 4 is also known as the order's Thank You for your Purchase page. Regardless of whether you are using single or multi-page checkout, your completed orders will eventually hit Checkout 4. This is why we advise placing our code tracking on this specific page.

Step 5. Add the script to the Footer section. And Click on "Save Changes".