Step 1. Log in to your OSI account and click set up the software.

Step 2: Under Set Up Software, select link software to my store

Step 3. On the drop-down list, select pinnacle cart and copy the code.

To integrate sale tracking with Pinnacle Cart, you should do the steps below.

Step 4. Login to your Pinnacle cart admin panel.

Step 5. Look for Google tools under marketing.

Step 6. On the next page, under google tools check the enable google analytics. Use this sale tracking code, paste it below the analytics tracking code which is already there, or replace it in case you do not use it.

When you are done, activate the Conversion Tracking Code. That's it, now your affiliate software is compatible with Pinnacle Cart. That is all that is required for our software to work. Please click 'Save' to complete the wizard.