OSI Affiliate Software can easily be integrated with Connectally.


When setting up an affiliate program for your Connectally site, you will be able to reward your affiliates a percentage of the order total or a fixed amount of money for each referred sale. To set this up, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Login to your OSI Affiliate Software and click Set Up Software.

Step 2. Under Set Up Software, click Complete Integration

Step 3. Select General from the drop-down list if your shopping cart is not listed, and click on Copy button. The copy code should be saved on any notepad because you'll need it later.

Step 4. To add the code to your Thank You Page, first Log in to your Connectally account. 

Step 5. Scroll down, and look for Sites. Under sites, click on Main Funnel: EBOOK, VIDEO, AND DISCORD.

Step 6: Look for Thank You Page. When you click it, choose the page where you want to add the code.

Step 7: On the page where you want to add the code, click Settings, and under it, choose Tracking Code.

Step 8: You're all set! The code that you copied in step 3 can now be pasted on </>Footer Code.